A week before Annmarie and Brian’s wedding, I fell rock climbing which resulted in a high ankle sprain. I am still in a walking cast, and I have to wear it for the rest of my season. When I saw the surgeon a few days before their wedding, I asked them to drain my ankle and give me a shot of cortisone like they do for Tom Brady, but they said no and advised me to not shoot for 4 weeks! They CLEARLY did not understand my business. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I took that week off, and did *nothing* but lay on my back with my foot elevated and iced every hour. When I went back to the surgeon a week later, they said that they had never seen such fast progress from what it was, so there’s that. Now it’s no big deal, but I was so stupid nervous for Annmarie & Brian’s wedding – the first one since my injury – and it really could not have gone any better. My awesome friend Lara came to my rescue and drove me up to Moraine Farm and shot things I couldn’t.

Annmarie & Brian, I so so so *so* love you two.
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