Happy Friday! The New England wedding season is slowing down a bit. It’s been a nice change of pace this week not shooting every day. I have my first Saturday off tomorrow and I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself, ha! I am not complaining. This is my job, and I love it so so so SO much. But, those photos won’t edit themselves. I’ve been in the editing chair all week making some progress and it feels SO GOOD. Being inside so much has left me longing for the woods today. I checked out Maureen + Kevin’s photos, which we did at one of my favorite places around here. Different than my #1 fave place, the fells, Blue Hills feels bigger and steeper. We take Emma there if we all want a longer & tougher hike. When you get to the top of the hills, you can see Boston. Maureen & Kev are getting married next year at the West Mountain Inn in Vermont. I love these two! They have such a good energy. Maureen cracks me up, she’s kinda crazy in like an energizer bunny kind of way. Kevin is a bit more reserved but together they are so in love and have this comfortable chemistry. I loved photographing them. Can’t wait for your wedding next year, guys!