You might remember Emily and Yuyu from their engagement session this spring. Their wedding was so special and I have never felt more part of a celebration than I did here, even though it was not in English! I have no idea why I was laughing when everyone else was laughing, crying when everyone else was crying while not understanding a word. I could pretty much tell what they were saying. This wedding was so simple and sweet, about the marriage that they were entering into and not about wedding “stuff”. They are in China right now celebrating with their families there who were not able to make it to this celebration. Emily’s aunt made her dress (she has a shop in Burlington if anyone needs dress-making!)!

bride getting ready

I just want to say something quickly about Emily’s makeup! I fell in love with her artist, Tara, and scheduled a “trial” with her for my own wedding! I had it yesterday and I cannot convey in words how awesome she is! If anyone is looking for a MUA/hair person for their wedding, call Tara. She is amazing, the 4 of us had a ball in the hotel room. (plus, I want to work with her again!)

bride getting ready

bride and groom first look

wedding prep


couple portraits