I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Caroline & Cornelius’s wedding last weekend at a private home up in Gloucester, Ma. I wish I had words to explain how incredible these two people, their friends, and family are. You just had to be there. A couple points that you will find interesting: The men’s boutineers are custom made dolphin pins to match the trim on the family house. They have hosted 4 family weddings here, and each time they repaint a little boat called the “S.S. Matrimony” with the couple’s name (too much!). Cornelius went for a ceremonial dip in the ocean before the wedding, jumping from the same rock that his grandfather jumped from every morning and every evening, no matter the weather. Caroline found her beautiful dress at a non-profit that sells samples and then donates the profits to charity. Love. Them.

bride and groom on rock by the ocean

gloucester, ma details

bride and groom getting ready


bride getting ready

Cornelius’ expression as he sees Caroline for the first time is killing me here.


bride and groom on rocks

It had been raining non-stop here for 2 weeks and the morning of the wedding into the afternoon there was gorgeous sunlight and warmth. However! After the ceremony the fog started to roll in (which I think is equally as beautiful)!

bride getting ready


bride and groom toasts