Hey girl, you just rocked the Boston Marathon SO HARD. I’m like, wicked proud of you. I waited at mile 22 for many hours while Friend Finder kept me updated on your progress. I even texted you to let you know where you were, in case you were too tired to realize. Sorry if that annoyed you. I practiced my dive through the barricade before I could see you about 10 times. I had to be sure that I could make a clean break, so that I could tell you that I love you, make you wear a sash (not offended if you immediately ripped it off and chucked it on the ground), and of course snap a polaroid of you so that when we’re 80 we can look back at it and say “remember when?”. Thanks for being an inspiring friend and awesome photographer, because we never would have met if you hadn’t been both of those things. xoxo
boston marathon polaroidboston marathon polaroid