Tonight I am sharing another one of my killer 2011 couples! This is Caitlin & Ira and they are getting married next year at the Willowdale. For our engagement shoot, we went down by the waterfront and to Quincy Market. It rained on and off during the shoot, but that did not change a thing. We started out at Houston’s for a beer and then made our way around, stopping at Christopher Columbus Park, and other little areas around there. 🙂

Caitlin was really craving a corn dog, so we went on a hunt for one. After all, the food court has everything! Success!

It’s impossible to walk by a carousel without getting on. Ira went in for a kiss during the ride and, well you see what happened. Apparently it’s also impossible to kiss on a merry-goround. Noted.

It’s also impossible to walk by the aquarium without hanging out with the penguins and seals for a bit.

I am looking forward to your wedding next July! 🙂