If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I was in Iceland this last week photographing an awesome couple for their wedding. I’ve been asked over and over “why?” Why did they do this? Why did they want this? Why Iceland? Even while we were making these pictures, we ran into people occasionally and they would run up to us and ask. After all, Iceland has nothing to do with Velda & William’s relationship, they’d never been there before. I don’t know why that question even needs to be asked. There is no answer, except why not?

I didn’t know them at all, so when we met up at sunrise in Grundarfjörður, I started in with my standard “go stand over there” while I watched, clicked, tried to learn something, anything, about their relationship. The following 20+ hours on the road in a hybrid of hail/sleet/snow/rain along with gale force winds, with their car getting stuck in 4″ of ice, our cars literally bouncing off each other in an icy parking lot, running for our lives from 20′ crashing waves, all while in the middle of nowhere, hours from help, were the most fun & exciting 20+ hours on the road I’ve had in a while. I learned that Velda & William are fearless. So, it makes sense to me that they would choose Iceland, a place that always feels like it’s trying to kill me, to have their wedding photographs taken. It fits their relationship perfectly.

Thanks to my friend Abby (photo above taken by her) who tagged along and was an amazing assistant, car-digger-outer-helper, pony joke maker, and all around fun time. I have only barely begun to look through the images I made with Velda & William over the two days we were on the road together, but here are just a few for now. <3 thingvellir wedding photographerIceland plane crash wedding photographerGrundarfjörður wedding photographer Kirkjufellblack sand beach vik iceland wedding