Today I introduce you to Kir & Shaen. This was a particularly special day in my eyes because Kir was the first ever PERSON I photographed. Back when we both worked for a great travel company as web developers, and I hadn’t started my business yet. I don’t think I had even thought about starting a business yet. I was just practicing on REAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS! Any time I would want to try something new, we would go outside, or into an empty office with lighting equipment that I brought to work, and she would be my test subject. I had told her back then, when she had a love interest in her life that I definitely wanted to photograph them. And, she has met her match in Shaen. He’s just as outgoing and fun as she is. It’s so wonderful to see the happiness between these two. So, here we are! What started out as getting together at 2 for a drink before some photos at Jamaica Pond, turned into an entire evening together. Rob ended up meeting up with us and we played Beerio Kart, before ending up at a dive by their house for karaoke. Thanks for the fun, guys! Congratulations! <3 jp-engagement-002jp-engagement-001jp-engagement-004jp-engagement-006jp-engagement-007jp-engagement-003jp-engagement-009jp-engagement-008jp-engagement-010jp-engagement-011jp-engagement-013jp-engagement-014jp-engagement-015jp-engagement-016jp-engagement-017jp-engagement-018