That is what my mum used to say, instead of Merry Christmas. Because you never know what people celebrate, perhaps? I never got around to asking her, but that is my best guess. Christmas was her favorite holiday, so much so, that there was always a santa painting on the wall, even in June, and not because she was lazy about taking decorations down.

Hanukkah falls during Christmas this year, and so it’s been fun to join everyone else in the merriment, food making, and cookie baking this year. We celebrated the first night of Hanukkah at a friend’s house with homemade donuts, latkes, kugel, spätzle, ah – it was amazing. I hope everyone has a great time celebrating with friends and family this weekend and next. This year has been so amazing and I am *so* looking forward to what is in store for 2012. Thank you to all of my amazing clients, family and friends who have supported me this year. I wicked love you.

I took these a few weeks ago up at the Fells on chrome and cross processed them. In high school we used to call it “pross crosses” to be funny. Anyway…I have also started to unroll my film a little bit and wave it around in the sun so that a few frames will come out like the last one…all light-leaky.
tree - provia cross processedtree - provia cross processedtree - provia cross processed