You may have noticed my blog posts slowing a bit right now. I apologize! I have been super crazy lately shooting tons of wicked fun weddings while buttoning up all the last minute details for my own wedding! I am scheduling lots of fun blog posts for when I am away but until then enjoy these black and whites from Miami a couple weeks ago. You are probably thinking, “who brings black and white film to Miami?”. I brought 1 roll because I ran out of color just before I left and had planned on picking some up down there, but didn’t want to be completely empty-handed. Do you know what does not exist on South Beach? A camera store that sells 120 film, that’s what. It’s ok though, I really love these. They are a bit eerie, don’t you think? I shot these on Kodak t-max 100 bringing me back to high school developing days, on my new Mamiya 645 afdII that I convinced myself to buy for our honeymoon in Alaska. As it turns out I’ve been shooting a lot with it at weddings and my couples are loving it!