They handed me a cup of french pressed black coffee. “I didn’t even think to ask!” Rachel said. “no cream/sugar for me, I like the taste of coffee.” “You’ll fit in great here.” Cort said. Excellent.

We sat, sipped, listened to their all-Portland musician playlist, and chatted about their upcoming September wedding.

Rachel and Cort gave me a sweet introduction to their neighborhood, the Pearl District. For Bostonians, it’s got the same feel of the South End only you know, with a Portland attitude (and twice as many amazing restaurants). I immediately started to look into apartments in that area, because while we do want to end up in a house with a yard for Emma, the Pearl would be so fun to live in for those first few months! I am so excited to get back out there!

I had to burn off some film from the day before and the last image here was the first frame I snapped when I met up with them. Although exposed completely incorrectly, I love Rachel’s expression. It’s ok to make mistakes.
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