I’ve been in love with instant photography since I was little. I have had a little collection of Polaroid cameras that I have been adding to for about 15 years now! I currently have 11 different ones, and most of them take different types of film. I used my very last pack of SX-70 film a few months ago and I ordered some PX-70 film from the Impossible Project to try out in my SX-70. I’ve loved and supported the Impossible Project since well before they had a website with anything other than “this is what we want to do.” written on the homepage. Now they have created their own film for Polaroid cameras in an effort to not allow instant photography to die. It is the combination of nostalgia that I get with their old timey colors, the instant gratification, and the fact that I love seeing “Cambridge, Mass.” on everything is what I love about Polaroids. Driving on Edwin Land Bldv. everyday in Cambridge even makes me smile a little every time. 🙂

Here are a couple of images that came out using the Impossible Project’s PX-70 film. They say the colors will get brighter and richer after 24 hours, so I wanted to scan them in immediately, then do another scan tomorrow.

Update: Here is what the PX-70 shots look like 21 hours after printed, what a total difference!