I rarely do personal posts anymore. I couldn’t decide to keep them here, or start a new blog for them. I decided to keep them here because I think above all, you want to make a connection with me, not just my photos. If you connect with something on the personal side, even better! That, and keeping two blogs sounds like a pain to me. 🙂

In Boston last night and today, we got something like a foot of snow. I have never seen it snow like this since moving from Maine to Boston 4 years ago! Being from Maine, I’m used to the 24″ here, 16″ there types of storms. There is something so cozy about busting out the bean boots, snowshoes, and a thermos of coffee + Allen’s coffee brandy and heading into the woods! A friend of mine from college who’s last name is Allen called it “allen’s allen’s coffee brandy coffee”, awesome, right? There isn’t really a place do go snowshoeing here, although I might wear mine on the trek into the office tomorrow.

I also got my 50mm back from repairs today..It’s been gone for 5 weeks! I don’t know how I survived, but I had to take it outside to test out the fixes. I think it’s sharper, is it sharper? It’s sharper…

Emma stares outside every minute that she is inside. She is seen here sporting her most favorite & Unlimited tote bag :-p

Do you think I should move my personal posts to a new blog?