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I needed a change of pace today. I'm in the middle of my "crazy" season as we call it, where editing piles up faster than I can shoot and deliver. It'[...]


Hopefully, we all had a teacher like him. The one that shapes the way we think, and helps you well beyond leaving school. Mr. Norwood was/is my guy. [...]


*If you are getting married in Iceland and need a photographer please contact me!* Iceland is by far the coolest place I've ever visited, and we bare[...]

Meg & Pete

Meg & Pete met 12 years ago, after their then 6 year old little brothers became fast best friends. As time passed they were always friends, their [...]

Julie & Stephen

They were married on the same date as they met, 5 years ago on a tour bus in Boston, which also happened to be Stephen's birthday. Everything about th[...]


Me and one of my 2012 brides had some fun in the forest a couple weeks ago. I played with a few different kinds of film (Lomo100 - the top two, Portra[...]

Katie & Steve

Katie and Steve are such fun people, always up for an adventure. Katie is the best person Steve knows, and Steve is always making Katie laugh. Their h[...]