It’s been a weird season, folks! I haven’t blogged in forever and decided just now that it was time. There are many beautiful, intimate and meaningful celebrations that took place this year and I am excited to share them here over the coming months.

After the pandemic was announced in March, most of my clients chose to move their wedding to next year, understandably. Very few went on and planned a covid-friendly micro-weddings, and a handful of couples decided to elope instead. A lot of people came out and decided to use this as a special time/excuse to elope, which I thought was pretty awesome! I was able to shoot a bunch of smaller celebrations and meet people who I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and I want to thank each and every of you who chose to include me in your plans to document your day.

Susan & Connor were supposed to get married at the Rising Tide Brewery this year, but we know how that story ends. I was out for a trail run in June and stumbled upon a gorgeous spot, snapped a pic with my phone and shared it on my instagram story with the caption “anyone want to elope here?”. Susan responded “us?”. We started scheming. It is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but it is very close to my home. After Susan asked me where might be a good spot to have a very small family-only dinner nearby, I offered up my backyard. I suggested they prep at Hub North, have my favorite restaurant, Saalt, cater it and have my friend Carter perform the ceremony. They went for it all! It was kind of a dream for me to host a wedding, and even dreamier to have incredible clients like Susan and Connor be my guinea pigs.

Thank you, Susan and Connor, for your trust and laughter through all of this. CONGRATULATIONS!