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Lucy & Jon

Hello there! I know it's a little late to still be wishing people Happy New Year, but I've been away and haven't posted since we flipped the calendar [...]

Diana & Mark

Happy Monday! Diana & Mark were married on the one rainy day I had all season long. Of course they went with it, and still wanted to do everything out[...]

Courteney & David

Happy Friday, folks! Today I'm happy to share Courteney & David's wedding with you! They were married last month at the Whispering Pines Conference Ce[...]

Courtney & Jake

Courtney & Jake were married last month at Courtney's parents' house in Groton, MA. This wedding was one of those awesome reminders of why I love what[...]

Amy & Mike

Amy & Mike were married last earlier this summer at a gorgeous family campground in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee. I really liked the[...]


I have been wanting to do one of these end-of-year posts for a couple years now. Putting this together was much more interesting than I thought it wou[...]