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Hannah & Nick

Hannah & Nick were married this summer at the Lookout Inn on Flye Point in Brooklin, Maine. Remember hurricane Dorian? It was that day. The weather fo[...]

Jen & Ryan

How awesome was it that Jen & Ryan wanted to do their engagement session in the town I grew up in! We met up in Bar Harbor before setting out for Acad[...]

Nick & Nola

Stephani & Nick were married last summer at the New England Outdoor Center in Millinocket, Maine. I absolutely LOVE heading north for weddings and had[...]

Anna & Ellen

Anna & Ellen were married at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough, Maine earlier this summer. There was beer, there was coffee, there was ridiculous food, a [...]

Kate & Joe

What a weekend Kate & Joe's wedding was! It started out with a boat ride out to Cabbage Island for a traditional Maine lobster bake rehearsal dinner. [...]


Oh man! This post took f o r e v e r to make. It's not short. This year was wild. I photographed 30 awesome weddings that brought me to some cool plac[...]

Kristina & Steve

Kristina & Steve were married last month up in Wiscasset, Maine at Marianmade Farm. You probably remember seeing them on my blog before with their[...]

Steph & Lou

These two were married yesterday after a 9 year friendship. There were no sparks, no moment that they can hold on to for when they realized they loved[...]