Margie & Jay were married last month in the backyard of the house that Margie grew up in. I met Jay a few years ago while looking for a dog friendly apartment in Boston through his website, Fido Loves. If you’re a dog owner and live in Boston, chances are you already know about Fido Loves, because it’s all about what to do in Boston if you have a dog. Also a real estate agent at the time, he found a place for us in his neighborhood, and I’ve been lucky to develop a friendship with Jay and his dog, Moose. Leading up to their wedding, I got to hear all the plans that Jay had for ambient lighting, baking the (4 tier square red velvet) wedding cake himself, the delicious bbq they would be having, and how Margie was being *so* secretive about her dress while our dogs hunted squirrels together. Margie wore her mother’s dress from 1969, a good secret to keep if you ask me.

I could not be happier for these two. These are two people who know what the important things are in life, and say forget the rest. The original plans for how they were going to hang lights that Jay made himself across the beautiful line of trees and dance under the stars was interrupted by a tornado. Yes, a tornado in Massachusetts. It poured so hard we could barely hear the toasts. As puddles formed inside the tent, people debated how many knots it could withstand and whether the metal poles would attract lightning. What I found impressive about the situation was that every person in the tent thought it was funny, and did not care one bit. Margie & Jay, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your marriage celebration.