While attending Inspire Boston (a wedding photography conference put on by the Boston Photographer’s Guild) I met a woman named Lara who I know will become one of my best friends. I’m so lucky to meet people who I click so well with, and I think it’s pretty rare. We gave each other photo assignments (you can see hers here) for the weekend and hers was to photograph something that represents “calm” to me. Of course I found that opportunity this weekend in our doggeh, Emma. Here is my first photo assignment and the second photo is just because. 🙂

I want to make these photo assignments a regular thing. As the wedding season gets into full swing, I think I will stop shooting for myself, and I think that shooting for myself is very important. If you can think of an assignment to give me, please head over to my contact page and submit and assignment for me! I made a drop down option for “photo assignments” so choose that one and then I plan to post one once a week! I’ll say in the post who sent me the assignment and then my inspiration for the image. Please please! Thank you Lara for giving me my first assignment!