Leah & Vic were married last month at The Garrison in New York state. I had met up with them in NYC in March for their engagement session and just fell in love with these two. So many times I want to write about what makes each of my couples different and lovely, but as a reader you can’t really experience them without meeting them. It’s obvious that I like to watch and observe people, that’s what photographers do. Vic is a builder, and I couldn’t help but notice his purple pinkie, he must have jammed it just before the wedding. Leah’s tiny thumb resting on top of Vic’s huge thumb during the ketubah signing – a display of the ways they fit together. The way they exchange secret glances from across the room, this is the stuff I like to watch. I’ve never seen a bride more excited to marry her groom, with non stop exclamations of excitement. I’ve never seen a more charismatic groom, every woman in the room lining up to dance with him. And he danced with them all! Leah & Vic, thank you for inviting me into your lives, and allowing me to share your wedding story through these pictures.
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