I am so excited to be blogging this wedding right now. Ellen and Roger are a couple unlike any other I’ve met and I consider myself so lucky to have been a part of their day. You might remember their engagement session from a couple months ago at the Arboretum. They are acrobats, like Cirque De Soleil style. 🙂 Guests at this wedding were given their very own mini cirque de soleil performance, and yes, I have seen it live before – this was better! If there is one thing I love most about being a photographer, its that I get to watch people in their element. There is something really special about watching people do exactly what they were meant to do. It’s more than a performance, it’s a beautiful connection that people have with what they are passionate about, and every person in this room was having that with each other. It was amazing to watch! A special thank you to Meredith Perdue of & Unlimited for supplying me with another set of photographic arms and gorgeous images! Ellen & Roger, thank you so much for letting me be part of your day!

Bride getting ready

Ellen’s mother made her dress. Ellen told her that she would need a “tear away” dress for their first dance, and that is exactly what her mother made her!
Bride putting on dress

Bride with bridesmaids

A few details!

First dance dress tear away! Check the end of this post for a video link to the real thing!

This is a snap of each performer, they’re all friends!

I have to pause a minute and say a little something about the band. They are called Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band. Also friends of Ellen and Roger’s, they are a 12 (I think!) piece band and I think I listened to their music non-stop for two weeks after this wedding. They are awesome and they play around Boston/Cambridge regularly. Go give them a listen, they’re wicked fun! Oh, and they play in the middle of the dance floor throughout the night, how awesome!

As the night was winding down, Ellen and Roger were making their way outside and the band followed outside playing the entire time, it was quite a sight!

Ellen and Roger, you have such wonderful friends and family, if only everyone can be so lucky. Oh! go watch their first dance video, NOW!