Today I received a new sample album from the album company of my dreams! I am so excited to now offer these to my clients, because I think you’re going to love them as much as I do! I had been struggling to find an album company that I felt good to work with, and would be able to represent my philosophies and morals as a business owner really well. In walks Wild Magnolia Design. Wild Magnolia Design is a small company (first check mark) who prides themselves on being “green” and not in a trendy way like a lot of companies (check mark #2). All albums are made 100% from scratch, meaning they create the gorgeous covers, the endpapers (which are INSANE!), all printing is done in-house, and the mounting is done by hand. Your album is completely unique from anyone else’s (check mark #3).

All albums come in a protective slipcover made from burlap and cotton.

Cover options are organic hemp (the fastest growing, one of the most durable, renewable materials on earth. *which is illegal to grow in the US, just sayin), beautiful raw dupioni silks, and what you’ll see the these images is “Peace Silk” which comes from cocoons of caterpillars who have already turned into moths and flown away.

The endpapers. There are 6 endpaper options and I think this “scrimshaw” (made out of recycled, tree-free materials) paper is so beautiful!

The paper. Spreads are printed on Somerset Velvet paper that is super-thick and has a watercolor texture which looks and feels so pretty. It’s made out of 100% cotton, too making it a completely tree-free paper.