There has been a bit of blog silence over here recently, so I wanted to update with what I’ve been up to. One of my life goals (not a fan of yearly resolutions) is always to create more photographs for me. I’ve started a lil’ photo blog over here, go check it out! Because of the craziness (good craziness) that will be this year, I want to make sure I remember all of it.

Winter means lots of meetings with new clients and colleagues, revamping some aspects of my business, and photographing a lot of really wonderful small businesses. I love doing that. Here is an image from one of my favorite food-places that I photographed recently:
I hope that everyone is having a great winter so far (even though it hasn’t snowed here yet, which I am still angry about)! The blog will be chock-full of new photography adventures with my couples later in the week.